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Yoga, snowboard, randonnée…
2 years ago
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Trek en Mongolie

Date: juillet   2017
Duration: 1 month
Geographical zone: Asie
Travel style: Backpackers
Flexibility: To see with my cotraveller
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Je suis à la recherche d'un(e) co-traveler pour traverser la Mongolie à pied ou à cheval (ou les deux).

Pas de date précise en tête. Pour la durée, 2-3 semaines.

Objectif: en prendre plein les yeux!

How I see cotraveling
My ideal co-traveller is a: Guy or girl  
My co-traveller and me: Whatever the other wants to do/see  
I share my room: It depends on the location and the circumstances.  
How many co-travellers?: We can talk about it beforehand, I don’t have any issues with how many.  
My preferred transport: On foot or by bicycle…the most ecological possible!  
My preferred accommodation: Tent  
In the morning: No specific itinerary, whatever floats our boat!  
Getting ready: I get ready fast (10 minutes morning and evening)  
Meal preferences: Quick bite at lunch and a nice dinner.  
In the evenings: Blablablah…I’m always up for chit-chatting  
While traveling, I really like: Walking around and discovering the place  
I am allergic: Never on vacation!  
My travel experience: Whenever I can!  
When traveling, I cannot tolerate:
When traveling, I love: découvrir de nouvelles choses.

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